Alumni Messages

The best thing of Apeejay School was the homely environment. Teachers took care of each and every student and they observed the weakness /strength of everybody and planned their academics to help them improve and excel.
Ajay Pathak in the entrepreneur

The teachers were great, everything was fun. I made friends for life, had a wonderful time and wouldn't want to change a thing.
Anirban Dasgupta is a stand-up comedian and a freelance comedy writer for TV and Online Shows.

I have very fond memories like taking part in the Interhouse Elocution Competition and giving my best for my beloved Tagore House. I also represented the School in CBSE National Swimming Competition held at Vadodara in November 2008 after winning Gold at the East Zonal competition in Kolkata.
Kunal Pathak studied at NIT Trichy, work in IIT Madras and is now pursuing an MBA in IIM Indore.

Every step of my Apeejay life has led  me to where I am now. I miss my school life and the Teachers. Not only them, I miss the whole Apeejay team starting from Principal ma'am to Jaquar men and 'masis' and the security man. Yes our school accountant sir how can I forget him, he was an excellent singer and I got many lessons from him. All the best to the whole Apeejay Unit! 'For Student may come and Student may go, But Apeejay will go On forever' Sorry Alfred Lord Tennyson Sir!
Rahul Dev Banik is studying B.Com Honors in Seth Anandram Jaipuria College

During my school days I was very active in NCC, and attended quite a few prestigious camps like Best Cadet camp and Thal Sainik Camp in these camps I bagged a silver medal in shooting in West Bengal and Sikkim directorate. In my 11th and 12th I was a part of student council member holding the post of Sports Captain and Interact  Club Vice-President. Everyone of us wanted a APJOSA kind of platform and I am looking forward to work for our Alumni association.
Saswata Banerjee is studying Law in Bangalore and is pursuing Executive Program in Company Secretaryship Course.

The school has helped me in identifying my strengths & weakness and made me strong enough to face the challenges of life be in academically or financially.

Akshay K Agarwal is pursuing his Family Business of Manufacturing of Plastic Molded Products in Kolkata.

I have spent the most important years of my life in Apeejay. My teachers have contributed immensely in building a solid  Foundation for my life. The School’s discipline has helped me a lot to face the challenges of life. I am really fortunate to complete my High School From Apeejay and my School has contributed greatly in my transformation from a young innocent boy to a smart lad who could take the challenges of college life and thereafter. I was Captain of the Nehru house in Class 9 and 10 and was awarded for the special recognition for the service provided to the school.

Arjun Mehra is Law graduate and works in his Family business in Printing and Packing Industry. He learnt the ropes in Purchase and Supply Chain, currently takes care of Sales and has been inducted onto the company Board as a Director in 2016.

Apeejay was my second home. I grew up surrounded by the teachers and classmates. I did well in School and the credit of it goes to all of my teachers. They were devoted teachers and worshipers of good values. Our Principal Mam Mrs. Rita Chatterjee embedded in our mind the good virtues like hard work, honesty, courage helping others and respecting the elders. She shared her knowledge with us, she gave us good thoughts and broadened our outlook.

Ankita Nayak is pursuing her M.Tech.

I can vividly recall the voice of our Principal Mam Mrs. Rita Chatterjee as she gave us advice about life, the laughter in class that truly reflects those carefree years, and the positive life attitude that we learned in School that still serves as a tool in often very challenging times of adult life. I have so many memories of my School and they make me wish I could go back in time to replay the best of them. 

Chirag Jain, is a successful businessman and a well known Diamond Jeweler.

I have spent fourteen years of my childhood and grown up to whatever I am today because of my School. It may not have been possible for me to reach this point without the support and guidance of my teachers and specially my Principal Mam Mrs. Rita Chatterjee.

Nidhi Pratap, completed Bachelors from Seth Anandram Jaipuria College and is currently pursuing post graduation in Fashion Design  from Pearl Academy in Jaipur.

Apeejay School gave us so many things - discipline, learning, valuable friends, parent like teachers to name a few. School Days have been of the best phases of my journey thus far. We realise how important school days are in shaping up our thought process, our perception and our attitude once we leave school. I will never be able to thank my teachers enough, my Principal Mam and all other support staff of the school for the memorable years spent there. I will always be grateful to be associated with this wonderful institution. I will always be a student of Apeejay!!

Avishek Agarwal graduated from St Xaviers' College Kolkata, completed his Chartered Accountancy Degree to work with PricewaterHouse Coopers (PwC). He is an independent practicing Chartered Accountant with offices in multiple cities of India.

It's hard to believe but I still remember the first day of my school life when I got lost and started to cry. The only place I knew was the Office of Principal Ma'am since that is where my interview was conducted so I went there and Principal Ma'am took care of me and guided me to LKG. Right from then till now and for years to come, her guidance, teachings, blessings and encouragement not only to excel in life but also to be a good human being have contributed immensely in shaping up who I am as a person and as a professional today. I can proudly say that I have been extremely fortunate and blessed to have got the opportunity to learn and get guided by the best teachers in the most crucial years of my life. I can think of innumerable instances of school life that are really close to my heart and have helped me learn and grow. What sets Apeejay apart from any other education behemoth is that the environment created for young minds here is sublime - the teachers create an ambience which is discerned by the child not as a place of learning but rather as a family of learning. You feel you're in a home away from home. This embellishment of a caring, loving & learning atmosphere is what matters the most and makes all the difference. I conduct Seminars and Workshops all across the globe to train people in the field of Finance and teach them the nitty-gritties of how to grow their Investments strategically. Within a short span of hardly 18 months, Almighty has been graceful & I have conducted Training seminars in 15 cities globally with over 2,000 people. A large chunk of these people are now my regular clients, who periodically ask for advice. It's hard to believe but I still remember the first day of my school life when I got lost and started to cry.

Soumya Malani graduated from St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, went on do Masters from London School of Economics and Political Science and is Co-Founder of Sharebazaar - Your Market Guide.

Memories come gushing down like an avalanche when I think of my school days. From my frightened self running back to my father on the first day in class 1 to the last day in class 12 when friends hugged each other not knowing when we will meet again; not knowing when we shall again see our favorite teachers again; it is sheer nostalgia. Outstanding teachers; emphasis on discipline; teachers caring for each and every student in the class and the confidence that our school instilled in us became the pillars of success for all of us in our lives. Our ‘Principal Mam’ was our mentor and our guide. She was and still is the soul of Apeejay School. I remember her holding my hand and walking all the way up to the Art room to appreciate my work and praising me in front of the entire assembly for my first oil painting. Today when I think of those years; I understand one thing ….. that my Principal Mam and all the other teachers of my school were the real artists …. like the greatest of sculptors; they constantly chipped away the irregularities to create the finest statues out of ordinary stone ….. they made us what we are today.”

Asif Iqbal is a Freelance Artist.

"My schooling was simply great. The values that I live by have been inculcated in me by my teachers. I must mention here our Principal Mrs. Chatterjee - taught me the importance of self discipline and I know now how to shoulder responsibilities. I learnt that there is nothing wrong in being a failure but repeating them is a mistake. My school friends have always been with me and my teachers taught me to make long lasting relationships."

Arijit Roy is currently working in a CITY based firm of Chartered Accountants for the last five years handling their Insurance and Banking Portfolios.

"I still remember the very first day, when I had entered the school for the first time, I had tears in my eyes. I experienced the same emotion on the last day of school when we had gathered for our farewell. I have spent the most important years of my life in Apeejay. I am glad the school has such an environment that we, ex-students are still considered a part the Apeejay family. I had a very wonderful time, I had participated in almost every co-curricular activity that took place in the school or in which our school participated in, and won many of them. I was chosen as the Head Boy and the Interact club President and president of the Milap (SPICMACY). I am really thankful to our Principal Mam Mrs. Chatterjee for giving me the prestigious positions and She helped me in developing my strengths and deliver on my responsibilities. She also helped me understand my weakness and assisted me in overcoming them. I am thankful to my parents as well for having chosen Apeejay School for me."

Gopal Agarwal is pursuing B.Com from Jain University and currently working with his father in the family business. He has plans to start his own business soon.

My school days had been a mix of fun, studies and extracurricular activities. Be it the Spicmacay concerts, annual day of the school and the numerous exhibitions that we assisted in organising. The best part was that we have an interesting choice of subjects, be it Fashion Studies or History, Geography or Psychology, there was something that interested everyone. Unlike many others in my batch, while I had been there only for a few years, the school helped me hone my skills across segments, be it public speaking, writing dance or music. In my professional career, this has helped me write better news pieces. Similarly, the sense of discipline instilled in us in school helped me come a long way, especially now that I am in a different city. Over and above, the school helped me meet some very individuals, be it the teachers or classmates, some of whom are my closest friends today. Overall, it was a roller-coaster ride throughout the two years and helped me shape into a better person, professionally and personally. Rita ma'am had been supportive throughout the entire period I spent in school. It was her who encouraged me to move beyond academics into other activities. I am particularly grateful to her for helping me chose my subject of specialisation post my 12th standard examinations. I was utterly confused and she helped me focus and I found a way out.

M.Saraswathy is a business journalist working with Network18 for their finance portal Moneycontrol. She Writes on the financial markets and sectors like banking and insurance, specialises in corporate news.

"You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation to build a strong super structure”. My last two years in Apeejay School was the most important phase of my life. Those two years laid the foundation of my future with Mrs. Chatterjee as our class teacher showing me the way with her love, affection and guidance. She was more of a friend than a teacher. She was my mentor and I owe my success to her. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to her, for bringing the change in me which the cane could not do. Looking back, I know now that the time spent in the school was the most enjoyable and memorable moments of my life. Perhaps if a time machine was invented I would go back and relive those days."

Manoj Lunia is a an entrepreneur. He has setup his own company, M/s. Pioneer Weld & Weaves (P) Ltd, after a short stint at his family business. Based in Visakhapatnam, his company has offices in Mumbai, Vijayawada and Vizianagaram.

Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques, a great sage once said and I remember my Principal Mam Mrs. Chatterjee's contribution in my life. I have had a wonderful years of growing up and meeting new people and gathering experiences. It was extremely fulfilling and enjoyable.

Presently, Nisha Karunakaran is an HR Professional based in Bangalore working with an US MNC.

I had an amazing journey in Apeejay School. Today all my achievements are because of the splendid love, care and nourishment we received from our respectful teachers in Apeejay. Tons of beautiful memories are attached with each corner of our school. Apeejay not only helped us achieve our goals but also made us a responsible citizen. "It indeed gave each child the chance to blossom into a beautiful flower from a tiny bud." Its been 6 years since I left my school but I miss it each day. Even till date I am in touch with most of my teachers and friends as the bonds created in my school days were/are the most special ones to me.

Sahini Sengupta works with IBM as a Partner Technical Architect - Server/Storage.

"School life in Apeejay has always been fun. It was a place where I have learnt a lot from my Principal Mam Mrs. Chatterjee. The best teacher one could ever have, teaching us to pursue our dreams and to keep going until we achieve them. The best part of my school days were my friends. It was Apeejay School where I met people who till today are close buddies. Had spent a fun filled childhood in my school and those memories will never grow old. The best place and the best time of my life.."

Souvik Dey, works with Double Negative Company based in London and Vancouver as a Hollywood Visual effects Sr Technical Director. Inferno, Star Trek, Assasins Creed, Fast and Furious 8, The Mummy are some movies whose VFX Souvik has worked on.

"If I look back into my life I have to invariably say that I have spent my most amazing time during my school life. I was really blessed to be under the care and guidance a group of wonderful teachers led by our Principal Ma’am Mrs. Chatterjee. My school has helped me shape my personality. It gave me a platform to participate in both curricular as well as extracurricular activities. The morning assembly sessions, elocution, drama, speech, etc; all these activities have helped me develop as a human being. The moral science classes and the social service club helped us to imbibe the human touch in us from a tender age. I am really grateful to my teachers, friends and the support staff members for helping me in building the foundation on which I stand today. I do wish at times that I would again become that small boy who would carry his school bag and go back to Apeejay - my alma mater."

Rahul Banerjee, working in Deloitte as a Senior Executive.

"There are so many memories that bring back smiles and tears that this one post would not suffice….spent at my most favourite place in this world…MY SCHOOL…..wherever I go….However far away…..No one can steal these moments from me!!! Whenever anyone asks me what was the best and the worst moments in your life….The answer always zeroes down to the same place….Yes, the best moments in my life were spent in my School, the one and only Apeejay School.....the worst moment in my life was when I had grown up so old … Apeejay was like my first home….. my mentors Mr. McNamara and Mrs. Rita Chatterjee, my teachers and friends my family!!! Big big big thanks to all of them. I don’t know how many of you really miss your school days….But I do miss them a lot… I specially remember the SUPW classes, Saturday Photography Club, Annual Concerts, Inter-house Cricket Tournaments, Rugby at CCFC and Polo Grounds (where I happened to break my left collar bone), Inter School Western Music Competition and lots more. The Institution which also helped me to find the partner in life, my class colleague Savita Khandelwal..... now Savita Dalmia. So thank u Apeejay!!!"

Shiv Anuj Dalmia, a Landscape Designer & Architect by profession, Director, Blooms & Greens, part of Dalmia Greenfields.

"The school and all my teachers at Apeejay have had a significant impact in building, guiding and nurturing the person that I am today. My school days at Apeejay dates back to the years from the toddler classes of LKG to passing out as a confident and enthusiastic teenager after clearing high school. In this span of nearly 14 years I have seen myself grow as a student, develop as a person and inhibit many skills and teachings which have helped me in many aspects of my life till date. Our Principal Ma’am Mrs. Chatterjee was like a parent away from home. The teachers have educated us in many teachings of life that go beyond just the mundane text books. These teachings have helped me in grow develop and realize my potential in every phase of life. At Apeejay we were always encouraged to take up a lot of co-curricular activities and these brought about a huge scope of interaction and sharing of ideas and skills in a wide array of fields from performing arts to sports and social activities. I find all of these to have taught me lessons and values which are now embedded firmly within the person that I am today."

Nilanjan Seth, working as an Analyst at TCS posted in Tampa, Florida in US.

"With a very high quality of education, Apeejay School has given me the confidence to compete with the best minds across the world. The pedagogy comprised the application of theory into practice through field visits, campaigns, etc. Our Principal Ma’am Mrs. Chatterjee has instilled in us the values of honesty, integrity, compassion and respect for seniors and elders. With the best teachers one can ever come across in life, it helped me break the notion of 'educational exclusivity' that only the privileged class enjoy. It taught me that where there is a will, there is definitely a way and made sure that it does help me carve my way in each and every stage of my life. Soaring high has always been its motto. Through one-to-one interactions of parents with teachers, it has given advises which have transformed students for the best. It is a place which respects gender equality, and does not discriminate on the basis of caste, class, religion, etc. It blessed me with friends for life, who have stood with me in even the most difficult of circumstances. The teachers have been like a friend, philosopher and guide to us all - greatest asset of Apeejay School."

Akshay Barik, Political Strategy Analyst/ Consultant in a political organization in India. He leads the field managers to conduct political and developmental surveys so as to formulate strategies based on ground-level inputs for the electoral success of political parties in the Assembly elections.

"Apeejay School has had a profound impact in shaping core values and the person I am today. I have had a unique opportunity to interact with a divergent peer group both at Apeejay and subsequently in a quaint boarding school at Rajasthan or as an exchange student to a quintessential English Public school during my class XI and in all such interactions my better all round upbringing at Apeejay held me in good stead. But most importantly, the interactions amongst fellow classmates across both genders fostered at Apeejay was the most profound - not many schools at that time in the early '90s dared to have overnight mixed gender camps; have mixed gender rugby teams and in general promote vigorously the equality, mutual respect and safe mingling of both genders. This is the foundation of what schools should promote apart from sound academics. The other outstanding facet of my education was the equal importance of co-curricular along with regular academics. this is more important and relevant today and the compelling debates and elocutions along with house sports was important to build teamwork and camaraderie and provided early opportunities to me at leadership and public speaking... two traits that served me very well in my corporate career thus far. I could continue to indulge on this topic but I daresay would bore you out! :)"

Kaustabh Mukherjee, Assistant Vice President, Market Risk services in Genpact Analytics, NYC. His role involves providing solutions to Banks and Capital Markets institutions to mitigate risk from their trading activities as it pertains to Foreign Exchange, Interest Rates and Equity prices in general and also adherence to numerous regulatory initiatives that these institutions need to comply with.

"Today when I think back to write few lines about my Apeejay school I like to mention that Our School was a away from Home where our Principal Mrs Chatterjee and all our Teachers Like Mrs Sikdar, Mrs Banerjee, Mrs Mukkerjee, Mrs Sharma, Mrs Srivastav, Mr Mazumdar, Mr Kundu, Mr Gomes and others loved each and every student equally and where always there for us at any given time. I was the only Student in Apeejay School to be Badge Holder for 4yrs in School and Captain of my Nehru House in Final year; I proudly cherish that till today... Our Principal Ma'am Mrs Chatterjee's contribution in my life is immense; frankly a lot of what I have achieved in life the credit goes to my parents and her. Leadership, Determination, Perseverance, Patience & Orator ship was imbibed in me early in my school days which I carry with me till today. Values learnt from school have made me the Person I am Today. I am truly indebted to my school and my teachers."

Romit Raj Prasher, is living his dream of being an Actor each day and enjoying himself facing the Camera.

"The best thing I liked was the morning assembly and some words of inspiration from principal ma'am which used to make my day and helped me in sailing though several difficult assignments in class. Her words - "effort alone brings success" is still my motto in life which has helped me overcome every hurdle with a smile. Thank you Apeejay for making me what I am today. From this school, I became the state topper in humanities with 93% marks in CBSE Class 12 Boards exam and that has given me huge inspiration and has made me ambitious for my future plans. I was a shy girl before coming to this school but the ambience and the encouragement from teachers helped me gain confidence and I took part in almost every co-curricular activity along with topping in my exams. I was a member of Nehru house and won several awards for my school in inter school competitions both in on-stage and in off-stage events. My principal used to call me in her room after each achievement and encourage me which gave me more confidence that I can carry on both academics and my extra-curricular together without affecting each other. The annual school fests, social work and sports everything helped me to learn how to balance things in life. I was also the cub reporter for TOI and used to write about all the events taking place in school which used to be so much fun."

Nairwita Bandopadhyay, is working as a research scholar after completion of her Ph.D in Geography from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. She has authored books and published widely in international research journals.

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